Makowsky’s in Italy, and has percocet with him!

Well, we will be on our way to Italy this Friday. We arrive there early Saturday morning and can’t wait! We will do our best to post stories and photos here as often as possible. Arrivederci Stati Uniti!

Before I start this adventure, I’ like to share with you some tips if you are going to travel. First thing is to try to learn about the place you are going to starting with the forecast to prevent taking the wrong outfits. Then , is to make your own route , in case you are not taking any kind of tour, and last but not least, take some basic medicines with you. You could take something for sourness, something for a minor flu and something for pain, like percocet. You can buy percocet online before you go and have sent to your house. Percocet is the best option because it helps with all sorts of pain, like a toothache or even a broken bone.

6 comments on “Makowsky’s in Italy, and has percocet with him!

  1. Are you there yet? Jodi is doing great…..he’s been outside in the snow with the kids all day!

  2. We’ve taken over 400 photos so far and none of them do this place justice! Just posted a few for you to see. Having a great time. Miss you guys. Happy Anniversary!! Hope you had a great time in Blackhawk.

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