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Server/Network Details

Your website is hosted on servers that are connected to the Internet through multiple redundant connections with such large backbone providers as MCI (UUNET), Global Crossing, and Level 3 (Genuity). This ensures that your website will always be available by the most direct and quickest means available.

* 3 OC-3's (155 Mbps) and 3 DS-3's (45Mbps) on separate and diverse backbones.
* Utilizing Cisco switches and components with 100Mbps UTP Category 5 wiring.

The NOC utilizes Border Gate Protocol (BGP4). BGP4 protocol is the standard that allows for routing of packets of information sent out from the NOC, ensuring redundancy by routing traffic over the most efficient route possible. Should one of the backbone providers fail, packets are automatically redirected through another one.

Our servers meet the following minimum requirements:

* Intel Pentium 4+ dual processor servers
* 4 Gigabytes or more of RAM
* High performance SAS (Serially attached SCSI) hard drives with hardware RAID-1 for increased reliability
* Red Hat Enterprise Linux (Unix) operating system
* Apache Web Server
* Six days of full backups to separate SCSI backup drives
* Daily offsite remote backups for disaster recovery


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