The Gogo 5G network will give executives and operators the speed and capacity to do more of everything they love about inflight connectivity:

from video conferencing to watching live sports events.

But many 5G adopters still wonder:

  • Who decides what counts as 5G?
  • What performance standards are companies like Gogo held to?
  • What’s going on behind the scenes?

Let’s take a closer look at Gogo 5G and answer your questions.

Get to know 3GPP: The international 5G standards organization

Global 5G telecommunications standards are overseen by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). 3GPP is comprised of partners from Asia, Europe, and the United States. To be 3GPP compliant, you must exceed the performance standards set forth by its members.


3GPP has certified the Gogo 5G network.

No other inflight connectivity provider offers a complete, end-to-end 5G network, much less one certified by 3GPP.


This certification was attainable for Gogo because we built our 5G network with 5G chipsets, a standalone 5G network core, beamforming antennas, and massive multiple input/multiple output (MIMO) technologies — among other things.

Essentially, our network is 5G from the get-go rather than 4G with bolted-on extras.

3GPP’s 5G standards and how Gogo meets them

Broadly, here are the categories that define 3GPP’s 5G standards, and how Gogo 5G meets them all.


How much data can be transferred in a certain amount of time

Gogo 5G can transfer ~25 Mbps on average, peaking at 75-80 Mbps


Lag time that increases load times, interrupts streaming, and creates choppy calls

Gogo 5G has almost zero latency


A network's ability to transfer large amounts of data and handle many users/devices at once

Gogo 5G allows everyone aboard to use all their devices and stream or transfer data freely

Performance gains

Quantifying significant improvements over 4G, etc.

Gogo 5G is significantly better than any other inflight Wi-Fi

Availability and scalability

A network’s ability to support different spectrum types, bands, and new innovations

Gogo 5G uses unlicensed and Gogo-owned spectrum with the AVANCE platform built for software-driven improvements


The ability to use existing network infrastructures and switch to backups

Gogo 5G has 100% CONUS coverage and seamless backup performance

The Gogo 5G antenna: More than meets the eye

Gogo invested in a completely new blade antenna for 5G that packs advanced beamforming and other technologies into an incredibly small, aerodynamic design. It bolts onto the same attachment point as previous antennas, but inside it’s all new.

Gogo 5G Antenna

What can you do with Gogo 5G during flight?

In practical terms, this governance and technological advancement means that 5G will create a significantly better inflight experience for business aviation passengers.

Consider the differences between 4G and 5G.

On 4G streaming video is doable, but there may be capacity limitations that impact quality.

On Gogo 5G just stream it. There’s enough capacity for modern video demands.

On 4G you can connect multiple devices to your inflight network, but they might gobble up bandwidth.

On Gogo 5G let everyone connect. Your bandwidth doesn’t care.

On 4G best to get your apps and tools updated and ready before you take off.

On Gogo 5G update anything you want while in flight.

On 4G smart network management lets you do just about everything you do in the office.

On Gogo 5G don’t worry about it. Performance is so good that you’ll probably forget you’re in the air.

If a provider is offering “5G,”
ask them to prove it

Let’s clear the air on one thing.

Gogo is the only company in North America with a complete, certified airborne 5G network, meaning that all components within the network (including onboard equipment) are 5G native.

This matters because it’s the only way to get 5G performance. If you’re talking with other providers about “5G,” challenge them to explain how deep their 5G capabilities run and if they really meet the standards.

For more: Delve deeper into 5G technology with the Gogo True 5G checklist

Gogo 5G is coming.
Get your aircraft ready.

Learn more about Gogo 5G, including network deployment and milestone progress, plus how to provision your aircraft with AVANCE L5 today.

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